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  1. Announcement Regarding Our CBD Products

    You and your patients deserve CBD products that are better than brands currently in the market.

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    Fourth Power Labs
  2. Letco Provides Free FedEx Next-Day for Remainder of 2020

    Letco Med announced to its US-based customers a free, next-day delivery program for all eligible orders...

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  3. Important Updates on Top Issues from APC

    The Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding held their Advocacy Town Hall, which you can watch in its entirety...

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    Important Updates on Top Issues from APC
  4. Promising News for COVID-19 Treatment

    A recent clinical trial from the UK showed decreased mortality for patients seriously ill with COVID-19 requiring oxygen or ventilators when treatment included the corticosteroid dexamethasone...

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  5. Covid-19 Related Research Studies Retracted

    This week, two major medical journals retracted separate studies on Covid-19 treatments due to an inability to validate the data and methodology used in the studies.

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  6. Minimizing Dosing Errors: Recent Examples from ISMP

    The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) recently shared a medication error involving remdesivir vial labels that provides an important example for compounders...

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  7. The Team Approach to Change Control in the Pharmacy

    Change control SOPs are critical in sterile compounding - and pharmacy technicians are not the only ones who need to understand machines and tools in the lab and workflows.

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  8. The Impact of Sample Amounts on Potency Testing

    Formulations require different sample amounts to allow for an accurate result representative of the compounded preparation.

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    The Impact of Sample Amounts on Potency Testing
  9. The Fluid Regulatory Environment

    Covid-19 has led to a constantly changing regulatory environment to support patient care. But pharmacists need to take care to monitor national as well as state laws and guidelines.

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    The Fluid Regulatory Environment
  10. Resources to Help Your Pharmacy During COVID-19

    Download our one-page flyer with tips and resources to help support the service your pharmacy and staff are providing to your communities.

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    Resources to Help Your Pharmacy During COVID-19
  11. Compounders Helping Our Communities Against COVID-19

    Compounders and other pharmacy workers are essential to keeping their communities safe and healthy, especially during the current public health crisis.

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    Compounders Helping Our Communities Against COVID-19
  12. Ivermectin and COVID-19

    The search for an effective treatment of the COVID-19 virus has cast a broad net...

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