Letco Medical, LLC Partners With Specialty Process Labs To Distribute Us-Manufactured Thyroid USP

Letco Medical, LLC Partners With Specialty Process Labs To Distribute Us-Manufactured Thyroid USP

November 3, 2021

WAYNE, PA – Letco Medical, LLC (“Letco Med” or “Letco”), a leading global supplier of quality compounding chemicals, supplies, and equipment, announced today to its US-based customers that it has added Thyroid, USP to its extensive product catalog through a partnership with Phoenix, Arizona based Specialty Process Labs (“SPL Labs”). 

Letco’s Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Greg Lake, said, “after more than a year of exhaustive diligence on multiple Thyroid manufacturers, we are excited to have selected and entered into a partnership with SPL Labs as their only authorized US distributor of Thyroid USP for compounding pharmacies.  We have been very careful to select a manufacturer that meets our best-in-class quality standards and passes our stringent supplier qualification requirements.  We are thrilled to bring Thyroid, USP back to our customers from a source Letco and our customers can trust.” 

Letco was attracted to SPL Labs because its porcine ingredients are solely sourced in North America and is the only API manufacturer to produce Thyroid USP in a US based cGMP-compliant facility.  SPL Labs North American supply chain and US based manufacturing eliminate the historically high risk and volatility of thyroid products sourced from other countries.  To ensure SPL Labs satisfied Letco’s stringent supplier qualification requirements, Letco contracted with an industry-leading API manufacturing consultancy to inspect and audit every aspect of SPL Labs operations.  This successful audit included a comprehensive on-site inspection of SP Labs manufacturing facility and all aspects of their quality systems.  In addition, Letco validated the quality and homogeneity of SPL Labs Thyroid USP product by conducting comprehensive and rigorous testing with third party laboratories, which will be repeated with every lot of Thyroid USP Letco receives. 

Letco Med is excited to expand its thyroid offering to compounding pharmacies, further solidifying its unmatched record of best-in-class products and services to its valued customers who provide lifesaving medications to patients each and every day.  As the leading innovator in the compounding pharmacy supply industry, Letco Med is the preferred partner to compounding pharmacies, enabling them to take full advantage of compounding as a profit center.


About Letco Medical, LLC

Letco Medical, LLC (“Letco Med”), a 100% employee-owned company headquartered in Wayne, PA, is the supply partner of choice for profit-conscious compounding pharmacies everywhere.  Letco Med has invested heavily in building a company that can serve the needs of compounding pharmacists today, tomorrow and into the future, with a full line of products and complementary programs and services.  With a dedicated focus on the US compounding market, Letco Med provides a comprehensive portfolio of safe and consistent top-quality chemicals, covering a broad range of therapeutic categories, as well as supplies, a deep assortment of dosage forms and delivery systems, pre-made topical bases, capsules, and equipment.

Since its inception in 1993, Letco Med has earned and built a reputation as one of the most innovative companies in the compounding industry. Letco Med focuses on unwavering quality, exemplified by its industry-leading quality assurance programs, stringent quality control procedures and an unmatched record with the FDA.


Claire Concowich

Director, Marketing

Letco Medical, LLC




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