USP Changes

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Chapter Changes Quick Reference


Each resource has been curated by experienced members of the Fagron Academy team.
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  • Syrspend SF

  • Cleoderm

  • Nourivan Antiox

  • Phytobase

  • HRT Heavy

  • SaltStable LS Advanced

  • PENCream

  • Lipolayer

  •  Pentravan

  • Pentravan Plus

  • Adaptaderm Gel
  • Carbomer Gel Aqueous

  • NourisilTM
  • OccluvanTM 
  • TrichoOilTM
  • Anhydrous Base
  • Anhydrous Cream
  • Anhydrous Gel
  • Lipopen Anhydrous
  • Supposiblend
  • Unispend Anhydrous
  • Gelatin Troche Base
  • Fattyblend 
  • Troche Base SF with Bitter-Bloc


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