Let Us Help You Meet the USP <800> Challenge

USP General Chapter <800> Hazardous Drug – Handling in Healthcare Settings
 requirements set new quality-of-practice standards for handling hazardous drugs, from receipt to disposal.  From facility design to environmental control, to new standard operating procedures, staff training, labeling and transport, USP <800> puts your entire compounding practice under a regulatory microscope.  Not all compounding pharmacies will be willing or able to adapt – and that means more business for those who can.

What if you’re not a compliance expert, and can’t afford to spend a fortune on consultants?  Can you become compliant with these new regulations?  Can you have confidence that the systems you put in place will satisfy the new requirements?

This is where Letco comes in.  Our compounding experts offer consulting and technical support for USP <800> compliance to active Letco customers.

Our team can help you:

  • Design, choose and install USP <800> compliant non-sterile and sterile compounding facilities, including negative-pressure cleanrooms
  • Select and install primary engineering controls, including powder hoods and biological safety cabinets
  • Analyze your current and future capital equipment needs
  • Choose products that streamline your workflow while still protecting your staff from exposure to hazardous drugs
  • Select and implement the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) outlined in USP <800>
  • Stay up to date on USP, state, and federal (OSHA) regulatory requirements that affect compliance with USP <800>
  • Secure on-site USP <800> consulting services as needed

For More In-Depth Assistance with USP Compliance and More: Learn More about Our Regulatory Solutions Program

Stay Compliant and Profitable

With the right support, you can comply with USP <800> and continue to run a profitable compounding business, all while growing – even while other pharmacies fall behind.  And even more importantly, you will better protect yourself and your staff. 

*Select USP <800>, USP <797>, and USP <795> compliance transition assistance and regulatory support services are available at no cost to our loyal customers.  A full range of comprehensive regulatory / compliance support is available at discounted rates through Letco’s Regulatory Solutions Program.

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We're making handling hazardous drugs a little easier

Our comprehensive packaging program is here to help you comply with USP <800> standards and best practices when you order items found on the NIOSH hazardous drugs list.

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