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We’ve made the handling of hazardous drugs a little easier, helping you comply with USP <800>.

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Are you ready for USP <800> and compliant with new standards for the safe handling of hazardous drugs?

We know you have a lot to focus on before USP Chapter <800> takes effect in December 2019. Fagron has implemented additional steps to help you comply with regulatory standards and best practices for chemicals found on the NIOSH hazardous drug list.

Let us help you stay USP <800> compliant when you order chemicals found on the NIOSH list

When you order chemicals from Fagron that are found on the most recent NIOSH list, tables 1-3, you can have peace of mind because we've taken extra steps to help you keep these items separate from other products:

  1. Chemicals that fall under USP <800> guidelines will be placed in a sealed, impermeable plastic bag inside the box that contains your order or will be provided in a redundant container closer system.
  2. A purple "NIOSH list items inside" sticker will be on the outside of your shipment.
  3. We'll include a packing slip available on the outside of the shipping unit as well, so you know what's inside before you open it.

What should you do with a delivery with a purple NIOSH sticker?

What's on the most recent NIOSH hazardous drugs list?

Review the NIOSH list

Why do we label USP <800> / NIOSH deliveries?

Regulatory compliance is important to protecting your business. We believe in keeping ahead of regulations and anticipating best practices for standard operating procedures to give you peace of mind and ensure quality control and workplace safety.

Let Us Help You Meet the USP <800> Challenge

Our compounding experts offer consulting and technical support for USP compliance to Fagron customers. Find out more about the services our team can offer you.

Quality is important to protecting both your business and your patients.

Learn more about Letco's industry-leading commitment to quality and how we operate differently to ensure that our products are safe and consistent and that they arrive at your pharmacy safely and reliably.