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Kimtech Kimwipes Task Wipers 12x12"

Product Detail

KIMWIPES* Wipers are specifically designed for exacting wiping tasks in critical environments. They are ideal for wiping surfaces, parts, instruments and lens cleaning in laboratories.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Low lint and low extractables

    • Ideal for use on delicate precision parts and instruments such as electrical and electronic equipment, optical products and laboratory equipment
    • The use of a mono-fibre ensures the lowest level of linting
    • Each wiper has no significant ash or extractable chemicals making them the ideal choice for sensitive processes


    • Fine soft, absorbent tissue resists scratching sensitive surfaces
    • Suitable for use on glass, coated plastic lenses and safety glasses
    • Chemically inert, allowing use with solvents and chemicals
    • Ideal for wiping up small spills, cleaning pipettes and microscope slides
    • Available in small and large sizes to suit most lens cleaning stations and wiping applications

    Handy Dispensing

    • One at a time dispensing controls usage
    • Portable, self dispensing pack is convenient and easy to use

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