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Research shows Topi-CLICK Perl® is the best choice

Eliminate guesswork and reduce residual waste with the highest-rated applicator for vaginal dosing. 

A study performed by an independent lab found that when the Topi-CLICK Perl® was stacked up against four other vaginal cream loaders and applicator combinations, it rated the best in:

  • Accurate dosing: With 0.25 mL released per "CLICK," the results concluded that Topi-CLICK Perl® delivered doses within the 10% target rate with an average of 87.8-88.3%
  • Patient comfort: Participants reported that the soft, flexible polymer applicator was the easiest and most comfortable to use, with no squeezing required or mess to clean up.
  • Residual waste: The Topi-CLICK Perl averaged 36% less medication wasted than traditional plastic and metal tube dispensing systems.

Instructions for Compounders and Patients

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