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Topi-CLICK Micro® 9mL with Soft Angled Applicator Blue

Product Detail

Topi-CLICK Micro® is a revolutionary way to accurately and easily micro-dose topical medications for humans and pets. Select from 3 applicator styles for customized dosing. Each turn/CLICK of Base dispenses 0.05 mL of topical medication.

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      Topi-CLICK Micro® 9 mL
  • Dispenser Volume: Up to 9.75 mL
  • Delivery Volume: Up to 9.45 mL
  • Dispense per CLICK: 0.05 mL
  • Approximate Residual: 0.15 mL
  • Approximate Priming: 0.15 mL or 3 CLICKs
  • Doses Provided: When filling with 9.3 mL the Topi-CLICK® will provide approximately 90 doses (at 2 CLICKs per dose or 106 CLICKs total)
    • Accurate & Consistent Dose™
  • Topi-CLICK® dispensers proven most accurate among others tested by *ARL
  • Eliminates user-variability
  • Consistent automated dosing throughout treatment
    • Automated-Metered Dosing
  • Audible & Tactile and Visual CLICKs indicate measure of dose at each point of the unique triad shaped base
  • One CLICK = 0.05 mL
    • Targeted Topical Therapy
  • Innovative triad shaped dispenser allows for precision handling during application
  • Reduces the risk of hand transference to others with applicator
  • Offers applicator selections for customized dosing
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    NDC/Reference No. 00000-0000-00