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“The relationship between compounding pharmacies and their suppliers hasn’t progressed much in the past 30 years.”
“At Letco we’re changing all of that.”

Market dynamics and regulatory pressure for compounding pharmacies is becoming increasingly stifling due to lack of third party reimbursement, increased FDA and state board regulation and oversight, and the need to invest more in compliance. As a result, the profitability of compounding pharmacies is being squeezed dramatically.

The leadership team at Letco has recognized the obvious need to approach the market in a new and different way, to truly partner with compounding pharmacies on profitability given all of the challenges. They see that it’s time for a change, and Letco represents that change.

For the past 30 years Letco has been servicing compounding pharmacies across the United States. We are a full line supplier of top-quality chemicals, compounding supplies and equipment.

We are committed to the U.S. market, we are committed to being experts on the needs of our pharmacy customers and turning those needs into solutions for customers to drive profitability.

                  “Where there are challenges, we see opportunity.
                    Letco is the partner to help you find those opportunities.”

Letco’s Senior Leadership Management Team (LMT) consists of four talented pharmaceutical industry veterans, each with a specific role in leading the Company. The LMT is unique in that they have worked together for many years at multiple companies; three have spent more than 15 years as colleagues. This has resulted in the development of an extremely cohesive and collaborative team who understands and leverages each other’s strengths. They were all investors and key members of the management team that transformed The Harvard Drug Group from a generic supplier that had lost its DEA license in 2010, into a thriving, reputable business purchased by Cardinal Health in 2015. As continued long-term investors in Letco, and now full-time operators, they have devoted their efforts into building something unique for compounding pharmacies that does not exist in the marketplace today. This superb and dedicated team is passionate about the business and committed to its long-term success.

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