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Savings add up with our 2020 rebate program, exclusively for TCG members

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Letco Med and The Compounders Group are excited to offer Letco’s rebate and incentive program, available exclusively for TCG members.

Letco customers who use TCG as their primary buying organization are automatically eligible for 15% off chemicals and APIs - and when your pharmacy enrolls using the short form below, you'll be able to earn additional rebates and shipping incentives.

What happens next?

It's simple - continue to partner with Letco as your chemical and API supplier. You'll start earning towards shipping incentives and rebates starting the first of the month after you enroll.

Quarterly Purchases from Letco*

Shipping Incentive

Up to $4,999

(Letco Standard Shipping)

$5,000 - $24,999

Free 2 Day

$24,999 & Up

Free Next Day


Quarterly rebate: Spend over your pharmacy's baseline each quarter and receive a 2.5% rebate on all purchases* at or above your quarterly baseline

Annual rebate: Spend over your pharmacy's baseline in 2020 and you'll receive an incremental 12.5% rebate on all purchases* above your 2020 baseline.

What are my baselines?

Your organization's baseline is based on your spend with Letco in the previous year. Contact your account representative or call 800.239.5288 for more details.

*HCG, supplies, equipment, bases, and creams are not eligible for discounts and rebates with the Letco and TCG program.

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