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LevGo® smartSpatula® Sterile PP Disposable Opaque 210 x 7 mm

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Look for the V at the neck.™ SmartSpatulas are made of 100% Virgin Food Grade Polypropylene, SmartSpatulas are the ideal solution for all sorts laboratory applications.

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    • They are autoclavable for sterile applications.
    • They comply with FDA regulations for food-contact.
    • They are Ideal for sterile preps in compliance with USP 797.
    • The hollow core minimizes heat transfer - no more ungainly mitts when stirring hot or cold liquids.


    • Sterile
    • Use them to scoop, scrape and stir!
    • 210 mm long & 7 mm in diameter
    • Double-ended spoon & scoop design
    • Spoon fits into 15 ml tube
    • Scoop fits 0.5 ml tube
    • 100% Food Grade Polypropylene
    • Resistant to dilute acids and bases
    • Shatter resistant in liquid nitrogen
    • Autoclavable
    • Meet FDA guidelines for food contact applications
    • US Patent 8709362
    • The V design at the neck of the disposable laboratory spatula is a trademark of LevGo, Inc.