Compounding Support Services

Letco’s Compounding Support Services team provides a range of services and support to our customers.

With compounding pharmacists and pharmacy technicians on staff full-time, the Letco team has vast combined experience in pharmacy management; compounding pharmacy start-up and ownership; formula research, analysis and development; and formulation support. 

Better yet – we make sure Letco customers always have access to emerging ideas in compounding.  Our Compounding Support Services team works closely with industry-leading experts, compounders, and academic institutions to bring the latest innovations to our compounding pharmacy customers.

From formulation to lab design, to entering a new market – Letco helps compounding pharmacies to solve challenges, enhance capabilities, grow more efficiently, and best of all, to become more profitable.

Formula and Formulation Support

  • Searchable Formulary DatabaseActive Letco customers have online access to a database of more than 3,500 proprietary compound formulas… and growing.
  • Step-by-Step Formulation Guidance:  Get insight and direction from an experienced compounding professional.
  • Assistance with Technical Questions:  We can help find answers and research, so you can solve complex technical questions regarding formula preparations, APIs, bases, excipients, and more.


Consultation Services

  • Compounding Lab Design and Workflow Analysis:  We help pharmacies build labs and workflows for safer, more efficient and cost-effective compounding.
  • USP <800>, <797> and <795> Compliance*We provide USP <800> compliance transition and regulatory assistance, as well as cleanroom design support and capital equipment selection for sterile USP <797> and non-sterile USP <795> compounding. 
  • Pharmacy Business Consultation:  We can help with pharmacy start-ups and advise on adding or expanding into compounding niches.

Industry Expertise

Letco’s Compounding Support Services team is highly qualified and prepared to address and protect your business interests.  Our ongoing involvement with compounding and pharmacy trade associations enhances and builds on our already-expert knowledge.

We are knowledgeable in local, state and federal regulations and can provide insight, guidance and advice to pharmacies.  We also have deep relationships with industry-leading attorneys and consultants and will gladly refer our customers upon request. 

Education and Training

Letco partners with the American College of Apothecaries (ACA) to provide customers access to industry-leading training for compounding pharmacists and technicians at discounted rates.  We sponsor a broad range of educational programs at levels from basic to advanced, at ACPE-accredited training facilities. 

Professional help for your biggest challenges

As a loyal Letco customer, you can take advantage of the many value-added services provided by our Compounding Support Services team. Let us help you profitably grow your compounding business. We are Letco. Let Us Help.

We Are Letco. Let Us Help.