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The PM140 Planetary Mixer

Ideal for compounding pharmacies supporting a variety of patients' personalized needs.

Save time and space with the latest in mixing technology from FagronLab. For pharmacists who are looking for a simple, fast, and affordable solution for mixing, deaeration, and melting, the FagronLab™ PM140 is a revolutionary device that combines those multiple functionalities in a single step to standardize the compounding process, ensuring safety, quality, and efficacy for compounded preparations while saving time and money.


Key Features

  • Single-step process
  • Dosage accuracy
  • Time-saving
  • Material-loss prevention
  • Compounding hazardous drugs
  • Conservation of resources
  • Low-maintenance
  • Compact Size - 17.3 kg, 8" x 11" x 10"




Compact Size




With its closed mixing jar and no need for blades, it ensures content uniformity and stable emulsions. Achieve homogenization while avoiding issues like creaming, sedimentation, flocculation, and coalescence.


Melt gelatin, suppository, and vaginal inserts bases in one simple step: the base can be placed together with the APIs and other necessary ingredients in the PM jar.



Deaerates emulsions, gels and ointments in as little as 45 seconds, ensuring the removal of macro-bubbles from those formulations.





FagronLab™ is the first global product line of compounding equipment specially designed and developed by Fagron.

FagronLab™ products line is specially designed for the needs of modern compounding pharmacies. FagronLab™ compounding equipment products reflect Fagron's mission and vision to offer high level, safe and qualitive compounding solutions to patients through excellence in compounding preparation in pharmacies. The operation and design of the equipment offers high level accuracy and easiness to the pharmacists and pharmacy technicians for their everyday compounding activities through a wide range of pharmacy customized features.