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Face Mask with Earloops

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Latex free / high filtration facemask. Soft round elastic ear loops for added comfort. Malleable aluminum contour bar for a perfect fit. Constructed from FDA / USDA approved materials, hypoallergenic.

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    100% virgin spunbonded & pleated polypropylene non-linting outer layers, polyethylene microporous middle layer provides superb glass free filtration.

    Particle Filtration: Average of 99.47 % at >1.0 μm per ASTM F2299 + non neutralized aerosol challenge per FDA guidance document on surgical facemasks.

    Bacterial Filtration: Average of 99.76% as per ASTM F2101 with staphylococcus aureus organism challenge.

    Viral Filtration: Average of 99.32% as adapted per ASTM F2101 and Military Standard MIL-M-36954C with ΦX174 bacteriophage challenge.

    Breathability: “COOL” as per FDA guidelines, 2.5mm H2O/cm2 per MIL-M-36945C

    Particulation: 589 average / >.5 μm/minute per IEST-RP-CC003.3 Helmke Drum Test

    ISO Class:                  Class 5

    Flammability:          Class 1 - CPSC 1610

    Color:  Blue

    Size:  7 X 3.5”