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Now available from Letco Medical, The Quality Leader 

Let Us Help Improve Your Pharmacy Efficiency with Advanced 3-Axis Mixing Technology

    • Spend less time mixing and more time helping patients; automated processes, consistent performance and no clean-up gives your team the time to help more patients
    • Mix small to medium sized volume in any vessel; works best with Unguator products but can also work with other jar types
    • Ideal for mixing hazardous materials; smaller size fits under most ventilation hoods**

See how it works:

Save Big through December 15th
View the Validation Study

Ensuring Homogeneity in Powder Mixtures for Pharmaceuticals and Dietary Supplements: Evaluation of a 3-Axis Mixing Equipment

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Call 1.800.239.5288 to order today.

* Offer is limited to one per pharmacy and not available online. Expires December 15, 2021 or while supplies last.
** Minimum height of 4ft hood necessary

Call 1.800.239.5288 to order today.