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See how Fourth Power Labs is different.

  • Premium, broad spectrum hemp extract always delivers a standardized 8:1 ratio of CBD to CBG and other minor cannabinoids that are THC Free, providing confidence and consistency in every dose.
  • The most comprehensive testing program in the industry backed by Eurofins, the only U.S. laboratory to partner with the FDA in method development for testing of cannabinoids, serving as FDA’s outsourcing laboratory for their own testing needs for CBD-based products.
  • Commitment to exclusive distribution through Medical Professionals protecting your patient relationship and profits, whether your patients order in-store or online.
  • Risk-free onboarding – 60 day credit terms and 90 day money back guarantee plus ongoing marketing and sales support.

Choose from a variety of product forms and dosages to support wellness regimens.

Sublingual Oil

Preferred by nine out of ten consumers in an independent blind taste test.

Available in three strengths; 300mg, 600mg and 1200mg

Also available in trial size


An alternate solution to sublingual oil while delivering the same benefits.

Available in two strengths; 450mg, 750mg

Deep Tissue Roll-On

Long-lasting relief to problem areas, anytime.

Available in 750mg

28 Count Display

4 - 300mg Sublingual Oil

8 - 600mg Sublingual Oil

4 - 200mg Sublingual Oil

4 - 450mg Softgel

4 - 750mg Softgel

4 - 750mg Roll-On

1 – FREE Acrylic Display

20 Count Display

3 - 300mg Sublingual Oil

6 - 600mg Sublingual Oil

2 - 200mg Sublingual Oil

3 - 450mg Softgel

3 - 750mg Softgel

3 - 750mg Roll-On

1 – FREE Acrylic Display

Looking for a custom option? Let us help you build your own display configuration.

To order, contact your Letco account manager or call 800.239.5288

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