Pharmacy Financial Services

Do more with less

A successful compounding business needs up-to-date equipment for the best product result and patient outcomes.  However, pharmacies also need to make every dollar count, and equipment is expensive.

By taking advantage of Letco Medical’s Pharmacy Financial Services program, you can finance up to 100% of the cost of equipment while taking advantage of a loan option and payment structure that suits your particular business needs.  

Receive a Range of Benefits

Letco’s Pharmacy Financial Services program helps your business run smarter with a range of benefits, including:

  • Finance up to 100% of the cost of equipment and related expenses (tax, delivery, and installation)
  • Unlike a bank loan, no deposit is required.
  • No need to commit working capital (and tie up precious cash) to purchase equipment.
  • No more being “stuck” with obsolete equipment!  Purchases financed through Letco’s Pharmacy Financial Services can be upgraded in the future when new technology becomes available.
  • Participation in our Pharmacy Financial Services is a separate financial transaction that has no impact on existing credit lines with Letco.
  • In many cases, payments are fully tax deductible (unlike loans, which usually only let you deduct the tax portion of payments)
  • At the end of the term, complimentary equipment removal is provided for your convenience


Design Payments for Your Unique Business Needs

Every pharmacy has unique budgetary and cash flow needs, which is why we built our program to offer flexible monthly payments that can be tailored to your business.  We can easily create a plan that works with both your sales cycle and equipment budget.

If you need a lower payment to get started, our Step Payment Plan lets you purchase equipment today with monthly payments increasing gradually over time.  That means you can start with smaller, more manageable payments while you ramp up your business.

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