Compounders Helping Our Communities Against COVID-19

Compounders and other pharmacy workers are essential to keeping their communities safe and healthy, especially during the current public health crisis. We're proud to partner with compounding pharmacies and grateful for their efforts, public and private.

How Compounders Are Helping Communities in the Fight Against COVID-19

  • Compounding Hand Sanitizer

Thank you for providing hand sanitizer to first responders, healthcare organizations, and customers.

Here are just a couple of the many stories about compounding pharmacies helping communities that have experienced hand sanitizer shortages:

Calhoun Compounding Pharmacy in Alabama talked to their local newspaper about the difficulties in making hand sanitizer, which they’ve supplied to local physicians and EMS. Read more >

Bedford Pharmacy in New Hampshire donated hand sanitizer to over 90 senior living facilities. Read more >

Innovative Rx in Nebraska spoke to their local news about distributing hand sanitizer. Read more >
Since the news report, Innovation Rx shared that they're implementing a recycle/refill program for their glass spray bottles to meet hand sanitizer demand while staying environmentally conscious.

Stone’s Corner Pharmacy in Missouri was interviewed by their local news station about distributing hand sanitizer to essential businesses. Read more >

  • Ensuring Safe Social Distancing 

Independent pharmacies across the globe are uniquely positioned to adapt their practices to meet the evolving needs of their patients.

NCPA has collected a gallery of measures pharmacies have been taking to ensure safe distancing in store (and curbside), including signage, rearranging displays, and more.

A pharmacy in Quebec ran an experiment to see if their safety procedures would help prevent the spread of COVID-19. You can watch their video on receiving and dispensing scripts.

  • Advocating for the Compounding Industry 

APC (formerly IACP), along with NCPA and APhA, have been working hard to act as a voice for compounding pharmacists with the FDA and other authorities. Follow APC on social media for the latest updates, or check out the news on their website.

Let Us Help You Take Care of Patients

From pharmacist to technician to administration, your work keeping your patients healthy and safe is appreciated. Let us help you stay safe and provide the medications your patients need.

Tips and Resources for Compounding Pharmacies

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