In keeping with our mission to help pharmacies across the U.S. take full advantage of compounding as a profit center, Letco Medical and ARL Bio Pharma have entered into an exciting partnership to provide state-of-the-art laboratory services to compounding pharmacies at reduced costs.

This partnership was designed to support compounders by combining both Letco and ARL’s unparalleled reputations for delivering the highest quality products and laboratory services. From API sourcing to product testing, Letco and ARL have the expertise and resources to provide cost-effective and expeditious formulation support and pharmaceutical analysis.

Through this new partnership, active Letco customers will have access to experts at ARL and can qualify for testing discounts from ARL, as well as rebates in the form of store credits from Letco.

"Letco is excited about our new partnership with ARL. 
  As our preferred partner for testing needs, ARL's services continuously support the 
  crucial quality commitment we make to our compounding customers each and every day."
Together ARL and LETCO have devised the 'QUALITY SAVINGS PROGRAM' to help compounding pharmacies reduce cost.

"To be competitive in todays market, one must be collaborative and community minded. 
  ARL’s partnership with Letco is an example of great collaboration resulting in a competitive cost 
  advantage for pharmacies. We are excited to announce this Quality Savings Program, leveraging 
  cost savings for pharmacies, based on Letco products and ARL Bio Pharma services."

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