Highlights from 2019 Veterinary Pharmacy Conference

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The American College of Veterinary Pharmacists (ACVP) hosted its Veterinary Pharmacy Conference in Louisville, Kentucky this year, offering exclusive networking opportunities and continuing education on industry-focused topics ranging from canine cough to diabetes mellitus.

Letco was delighted to join in the fun at Churchill Downs, celebrate pharmacists compounding for veterinary medicine, and engage with the best and brightest pharmacy students.

The conference featured multiple sessions on equine health, along with a panel of pharmacists sharing how they’ve improved their veterinary practices. USP compliance is consistently top of mind for pharmacists this year, and Brenda Jenson did a great job taking the pharmacists through the details around  USP <795> and <797>. 

Make Topical Applications Easy and Effective

Pharmacists and students who visited the Letco booth tried out the Topi-CLICK Micro from our partner DoseLogix, an applicator revolutionizing topical medications for pets (and humans).

How do cats feel about Topi-Clicks? See for yourself
Get Hands-On Training on Veterinary Compounding

The ACVP’s sister organization the American College of Apothecaries (ACA) offers hands-on training in various compounding therapies including Veterinary Compounding Essentials. Letco customers can take advantage of their practical courses with small class sizes and experienced instructors with exclusive discounts through our Education Value Program (EVP).

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