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> Letco, Let Us Help

Letco is the supply partner of choice for profit-conscious compounding pharmacies everywhere.
We see a bright future for compounding and have invested heavily in building a company that can serve your needs today, tomorrow and into the future.

About Letco

The Letco distribution facility in Decatur, AL has been awarded VAWD accreditation for employing security and best practices for safely distributing prescription drugs.




ACA Foundation

Letco Medical enables pharmacies across the U.S. to take full advantage of compounding as a profit center.

With a dedicated focus on the U.S. compounding market, Letco provides a wide and comprehensive portfolioof safe and consistent top-quality chemicals as well as compounding supplies and equipment at highly competitive prices.

Letco’s product line includes chemicals covering a broad range of therapeutic categories, as well as supplies, equipment, capsules, pre-made topical bases and oral delivery vehicles. In addition, a deep assortment of dosage forms and delivery systems are available, including inhalation, oral solids, controlled-release, injectables, topicals, transdermals and liquids.

Since its inception in 1993, Letco has earned and built a reputation as one of the most innovative companies in the compounding industry. Letco is focused on unwavering quality, exemplified by the company’s industry-leading quality assurance programs, stringent quality control procedures and an unblemished record with the FDA.

Letco also provides a wide array of value-added solutions, including Professional Services support at no additional charge, knowledgeable sales representatives who understand your needs and guaranteed two-day shipping, making it the supply partner of choice for profit-conscious compounding pharmacists like you.

At Letco, we take pride in delivering the products, services and support needed to meet today’s challenges, and equally committed to facing the future as your trusted partner. With complete dedication and focus on our customers, Letco is the optimal supply partner to help you realize the significant profit opportunities for your compounding practice.

Letco, let us help.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you and your practice.